Teatro de los Sentidos



We're an international group of artists-researchers based in Barcelona with more then 20 years of experience under the artistic direction of the company’s founder, Colombian anthropologist and dramaturge Enrique Vargas. Together we research the poetics of the senses.

We developed a methodology which connects the sensorial languages, the poetics of games and theatrical creation. Teatro de los Sentidos builds experiences which blur the line between audience and actors in traditional theater schemes to foster an interactive and creative participation of the audience in which they can explore labyrinth spaces which, in the end, become an extension of their own psyche.

TDLS has toured with its productions to most of the main art festivals in Europe and America as well as Asia and Oceania.

Fundamentally a research-based group, the company has developed an extensive educational program through their School of the Senses, with an on-going program in Barcelona and Pistoia (Italy) including a Postgraduate course and a Master's Degree in Poetics of Play with the University of Girona (Spain).




HEART OF DARKNESS - Teatro de los Sentidos - Enrique Vargas.

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This production of Teatro de los Sentidos takes as a starting point the classic Heart of Darkness, a short novel by Joseph Conrad published in 1899, to develop an experiential devised show loosely based on the story. It is an approach to the essence of the novel (the same that inspired the movie Apocalypse Now), by Francis Ford Coppola). Conrad’s work is a complex exploration of the attitudes that people hold on what constitutes a barbarian society versus a civilized one. We have focused, though, beyond its post-colonial anti-racism reading, and centered our attention on what some have called ‘the seed of evil’, a personal, yet universal exploration of the latent potential of corruption in all human beings and the responsibility for one’s own choices in life.


Our proposal remains true to the spirit of the Company, which seeks to make the distance between actors and spectators disappear. Hence, the performance Heart of Darkness is intended to create a sensorial immersion experience for groups, in which the personal involvement of each spectator, based on their own perceptions, emotions and decisions, helps to shape the show.

Dramaturgy: Enrique Vargas & Teatro de los Sentidos.

Countries: Denmark, Italy, Spain.



Teaser - HEART OF DARKNESS - Teatro de los Sentidos - Enrique Vargas.

Filmed and edited by Ana Navas & Stinne Hannibal Jensen.

Produced and initiated by REPUBLIQUE - Copenhagen.


Renéixer (Rebirth)


Direction and dramaturgy



In this show the Cava Wine is the main character; with his secrets and his memory it will guide the travellers through a new sensorial discovery.


The process we began with THE MEMORY OF THE WINE, with the grape as the guide, continued with FERMENTACION, more focused on the mystery of transformation; and now culminates with RENEIXER, that it’s based in the process of a double birth, of the right to reinvent oneself.


The audience-travellers will be guided through the memory of the grape as itself, and the relationship between the earth and its people, and their final destiny: it’s a journey that will take us to the depths of the earth where wine will make itself, and after a second fermentation, we reach the Cava.


Starting from the dramaturgy of curiosity, the memory of the body and the sensorial poetics, and guided by members of the core group of TEATRO DE LOS SENTIDOS, we propose a ludic-sensorial living installation, in the form of a journey structured in 4 parts; open to a reduced group of travellers. 


El eco de la sombra (The Echo of the Shadow)

Direction and dramaturgy



Presented as part the 2016 Melbourne Festival, The Echo of the Shadow is an experiential theatre production by Teatro de los Sentidos (Theatre of the Senses) in which audience members are invited to enter a sensorial labyrinth that has been created for one person to experience in isolation in 15 minute intervals.


Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s novel, The Shadow, a dark tale about a man who is afraid to follow his own, this immersive production is a physical journey designed to spark emotional responses in the participants.


“Teatro de los Sentidos has pulled another act of theatre magic, and every heart is saddened when the The Echo of the Shadow comes to an end.” Il Manifesto  Italy


“Upon leaving… I turned around to see if my shadow was still following me.” La Vanguardia, Barcelona.


Review Melbourne festival  2016:  Read more.



El hilo de Ariadna


La memoria del vino.

El eco de la sombra (the echo of the shadow)

El mundo al revés

Pequeños ejercicios el buen morir

La bodega de los sentidos (sensorial supper)

Proyecto habitantes


El corazón de las tinieblas


City puzzle

Vin aire


Como fa napoli a sostenerse in equilibrio sobre un uovo

El ultimo baile – (the last dance)

Saborear recuerdos (sensorial supper)





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