Deputy Director at the Teatro de los Sentidos, Actor’s Coach, musician.

He is professor of the Postgraduate and Master courses of the Teatro de los Sentidos, and the University of Girona. 

He is investigating, exploring, creating and designing, sensorial experiences, building labyrinths  installations and sensory intimate, poetic experiences, around the world.

His professional skills, lead him  to create a way to listen and to respond to the fact of being connected to your inner world, developing imagination and listening.

Gabriel is a founder member of Teatro de los Sentidos, since 1989.

For over twenty years, he has been touring extensively throughout the world, making sensorial experiences and art performances.

Technical director of the company, responsable for the design, scenography and construction of the different, installations made by the TDLS throughout the years.


In 1991 he comes to Europe and from this time on he has been dedicated to the creation of theatrical installations and sensorial spaces worldwide. He has developed his skills on designing and creating interactive installations.



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He lives in Belgium in the city of Antwerp, where his works, got him to the creation of a new centre for sensory research, an International School for the Senses, Sensory Experiences and Research.

The  centre is open for the research of this language which now a days, had found a place within actors, therapists, artists, and professionals of different disciplines, to play and to deepen their areas of  interest through working with the senses. 

Member Founder of the International Sensory Groups, and the Creative Art Platform, uniting a language that allows the development of new sensorial dramaturgies, and allows students and  investigators of different fields to have a place where they can explore and find ways for the  application of this language in all disciplines and so doing, creating bridges between countries to  exchange and share knowledge. 

On Going Projects 2022

Director, Play Almarios Teatro de los Sentidos.

Director, new play Mariposas del alma Investigation Neuroscience and it’s relation with the sensory experience, premiere October 2022

Festival Viu Montjuic 

Director Epitaphs, sensory play to find your Epitaph when you were born! premiere, October 2022

Artistic Director Festival Of consciousness Barcelona July 2022 creation of the installation, The city of consciousness

DIrector invited at the international meeting in Brazil Belo Horizonte, and Mina Gerais May 2022

Artistic Residency, in Bolzano Italy November 2022

Director invited to the Project Befree in Copenhagen Denmark, Project meant to Youngsters from a neighborhood of Mjølnerparken, presenting the experience and installations at 3 events during September 2022, ending at the National Gallery of Copenhagen.