Planeta 15


Marga Socias and Gabriel Hernandez founded this unique Platform


Planeta 15 is the gateway to a unique world that experiments with sensorial theater and the creation of poetic and playful experiences.

It is inhabited by artists from diverse disciplines who share the same language.

Planeta 15 sails through the galaxy of performing arts, offering trips full of possibilities where imagination, play and memory are frequented places.

We work in all kinds of spaces, taking limited means to make proposals without defined limits, to act on reality and change it.

Our goal is to empty and fill, destroy and create, take apart to reassemble in another way.







Bastian has nightmares: elves “magic hands” are left without jobs. They don't know how to build nintendo or play station or wii. They're not good enough. Instead, Kosmopol elves have tablets, ebooks and fix everything with a click.

Bastian goes on dreaming and in his dream true toys, stranded in the hostile territory of helplessness, still have something to say.

Toys is an emotional experience that opens a window into the fascinating world of children's forgotten toys, that reconnects adults to their own childhood and think about this idea: there is no toy - or human – who does not want to be loved.


The suggestive atmosphere of the twillight, the sounds, the costumes and aromas immerse us in a story of toys that come to life and where the public transformed into elves must find their place in the story. 


Golden Ball is a theatrical presentation by Planeta 15.


It is a show/installation where the audience has an adventure and becomes the main character.


It is an adventure for your senses. A game for your curiosity. Peace for your soul.


It is a pathway towards realising your dream, to giving it shape, to finding it`s direction, to protect and care for it, to allow it to grow inside you and start following it.


Golden ball is an evocative sensorial journey about your personal wish and about the possibilities of the here and now.

The now is here, what can you make of it?

Viaje a Nozaroc

Once in a cold christmas night, a group of puppetiers arrive to into town called Nozaroc, because they've heardthat there the magic still exist!

there are dark times, but in the radio sounds -in a low volume - a happy song.

the little fairy that badly we can see, tell to them the great secret: "the ones who don't believe in magic will never find it"


this performance its an experience where there are no chairs, and no shoes. its a tale made from other tales,a journey in group to discover some wonders and to think!

while the spark of the lights andthe noices of the christmas enlighten us, this a story that smell friendship, company, most of all true magic!


The journey of a wish is an evocative sensorial journey about a personal wish and the infinite possibilities of the here and now.


It's a theatrical presentation for all the family. A journey for all your senses. A game for your curiosity. A pathway towards realizing your dream.



© Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

A performance by Jean-Marie Oriot and Gabriel Hernandez.


Los escultores de almas del Ártico buscan piedras durante el verano y las guardan en un lugar mágico, lleno de curiosidades y secretos que nos llevan a tiempos pasados y futuros. Después, en otoño, escuchan las piedras recogidas para descubrir lo que hay en su interior y, con el cincel y el martillo, sacar aquello que estaba oculto y “quería salir”.


Luna de papel es una experiencia interactiva y sensorial en la que descubriremos que todos podemos ser los creadores de nuestra propia historia.


Gabriel Hernandez

sensorial theater


Exploring new applications and directions for a unique fusion of sensorial theatre, performance and installation art.



Located in Antwerp, Belgium