Navigators - Antwerp

ANTWERP - under construction

Navigators - research


Experimental location specific sensorial theater - Adaptation

Research about the different layers in experiences for kids and adults and the the adaptation of a sensorial experience on different locations.


Goal: Introduce and experiment with the sensorial language in Belgium. This trough giving workshops - form an artist collective with local artists and experiment -  creating new performances and try-outs.


Team of artists i'm working with: Jean-Marie Oriot, Lore Uyttendaele, Michèle Even, Gwendalyne van Erp, Akram Assam, Shine Edimar Panzo, Anna Dereymaeker en Sofie Jaspers.


A new theater collective in the making!

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Gabriel Hernandez

sensorial theater


Exploring new applications and directions for a unique fusion of sensorial theatre, performance and installation art.



Located in Antwerp, Belgium