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FREELANCE - under construction

Sensorial and interactive installations.

Workshops and seminars



Workshops in Antwerp - Introduction in sensorial language.

I'm opening the doors of our space at Navigators’ headquarters in Stormkop, to continue the research about the sensorial theater language here in Antwerp. This is an intensive course/laboratory to introduce this particular language and its application in the performing arts and other disciplines.
A course for actors, dancers, artists and professional investigators. Introductionary courses in February - and March.

From June on there wil be new courses starting.

More news will follow soon.

A permanent sensorial tunnel installation. 2012.  

Kystcenteret Exploratorium Thyboron, Denmark.

May 2017 in the Faroe Islands, We made a sensorial experience, a labyrinth for the city of Torshavn, with a group of very committed and profesional people.It was a process through workshops and seminars during a period of a year time! the result a delicate and very poetic journey through the city of Torshavn!


'Býurin og alt annað - The city and everything else'

Directed by Marga Socias and Gabriel Hernandez.

Produced by TVAZZ Gunnvá Zachariasen and the National Theatre of Torshavn

Technical direction Thomas Roper

With Hans Tórgarð, Katarina Nolsøe, Dan Helgi í Gong, Johan Holm Simonsen, Rakel Helmsdal, FelisiaJ. Helmsdal, Bárður Jónsson Johansen, Gunnvá Zachariasen. Marjun Svartafoss, Maria Guldbrandsø Tórgarð, Bjørk Búadóttir Tórgarð

Constructions, Builders

Gabriel Hernandez, Thomas Roper, Bárður Jónsson Johansen, Bjørn Ulvdal Simonse and Bogi Eyðunsson

A sensorial interactive installation that explores new ways to bring art to children and adult audiences.


The installation was a colaboration with Marga Socias and Laerke Lauta in transforming the art museums into a wonderful and philosophical seaside hotel where longing and disappearance are recurrent themes.


Awarded by the Danish public in the top ten best installations. 2011-2012. More than 20,000 people visited.

Skovgaard Museet 2010, Hotel Aurelia, Viborg Denmark


Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center 2011, Copenhage Denmark


Aæglegeret Musset 2013, HOLBÆK Danmark

Býurin og alt annað - The city and everything else  Workshops and creating a new performance. (2017-2018)

Hotel Aurelia (2010-2013)

Sensorial interactive installation

Tunnel 2012 - permanent

workshops - under construction

Oslo, Norway 2019

Antwerp 2019 - The poetic of the space

Scotland 2018 - Cubernauld theatre, International workshopfestival

Oslo, Norway 2018 - Vestfossen art laboratory

Nykøben, Denmark 2015 - Theatertalent Mors - professional theater school

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Gabriel Hernandez

sensorial theater


Exploring new applications and directions for a unique fusion of sensorial theatre, performance and installation art.



Located in Antwerp, Belgium